The art of glass-blowing has been uninterrupted since Phoenician times and, unfortunately, there are very few craftsmen that still practice it.

Traditional Phoenician Ship Builders

The art of building ships “the Phoenician” way was passed down from generation to generation in the port of Tyre. Stop by Toufic Barbour workshop and see for yourself.


Tyre is a fishermen city, and visitors are encouraged to eat fish and seafood dishes and mezze, the pick of the day. Different restaurants have their specialties.

Boat ride with a fisherman

In Lebanon, the fishing methods are still archaic and it is possible to talk to local fishermen and ask to accompany them on one of their fishing excursion. Be aware it is a very early morning trip (around 4:00 am).

Lebanese Museum for Marine and Wildlife

The Museum features more than 1,000 different marine species including 25 species of Mediterranean sharks, and over 65 different types of crabs, coral, sponge, etc.

Tyre Coast Reserve

The largest sandy beach of the Lebanese coast, it harbours many endangered species such as loggerhead turtles and the Arabian spiny mouse.

Spend a day on the beach

It is very nice to spend a day or two on the beaches of Tyre. A couple of resorts have swimming pools or have a very nice access to the sea.