In this municipality of Costa Vicentina, mysticism, nature and history blend with each other. For millennia, Sagres and Cape St. Vincent, under a dramatic natural backdrop of cliffs and raging sea, were places dedicated to local gods. The menhirs of prehistoric rites are yet another testament to the devotion of the peoples who occupied the territory.

In Costa Vicentina, the Corvo Church and its Convent, dedicated to St. Vincent, were an important centre of Mozarabic pilgrimage in the Umayyad period, from where we get abundant reports providing an account of the great mystic and spiritual value of the site. Geographer al-Idrīsī believed that it was prior to the arrival of the Muslims to the Peninsula.

It was during the 15th century that Vila do Bispo gained greater importance due to the stays of Infante D. Henrique in Sagres.



Vila do Bispo

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