The cooking of the region of Sousse distinguishes itself in particular by diverse preparations of the couscous. So, we find especially the couscous with fish and it is in the sauce intended for this couscous that the fish is cooked with green vegetables, chickpeas and beans. We also prepare the couscous with the mutton furnished sometimes with balls of chopped lamb. On the occasion of the new hegirian year, we also prepare the couscous of "ras el am " with some delicatessen of mutton, a dried meat which is often a remainder of the feast of Aid Al-Adha, as well as the beans and the raisins. We find also in this cooking of the region of Sousse diverse ratatouilles consisted of green or dry vegetables and cooked in some olive oil. We can quote among these ratatouilles " tbikhat al-lift " which is a preparation from a mixture of leaves of turnips or beets and blettes with chickpeas and beans. We can also find the " marqat qraa " which is with pumpkins, with hot peppers, some delicatessen of lamb and the chickpeas.

These traditional dishes are prepared by the inhabitants and are not always available in restaurants specialized generally in the cooking with fish. We serve any sorts of grilled fishes among them the most appreciated are the grouper, the loup, the sea bream, the red mullet, the sole and the mule. We serve there also diverse sorts of shellfish as shrimps, mussels, squids, octopuses, etc. …


As in Tunis, the sector of handicrafts in Sousse, formerly very prosperous in particular in souks and around of Sousse knows a crisis owed in particular to the fast progress of the tertiary sector in the region. Several old corporate associations so disappeared. Only remain the souk of the jewelers and that some materials, the others were invaded by souvenir shops exposing diverse finished products: leather slippers, copper dishes, pottery, carpets, traditional clothes for men and women, etc.