Jamid is made of yogurt which has been shaken until all the butter is separated and the fatless liquid and salted and dried into solid chunks. The best Jamid in all of Jordan is made in Karak. The dried yogurt is sued to make Mansaf, the national Jordanian dish, as well as Fatireh, another form of tharid which is unique to the Karak region.

Historically many modern dishes go back to early Islam when the most famous dish was the Tharid which was a favourite of the Prophet. Simply it is bread crumbs soaked with meat broth, and it is eaten by hand. Many different recipes for Tharid have been described over the years including some coming from Umayyad times. Currently the most popular dish in Jordan Mansaf. Mansaf is lamb cooked in Jamid Broth alid ona rice pilaf with al,omnds and pine garnishing and can rightly be considered the descendant of the early dish. Fatireh is Taboun bread which ahs not been allowed to rise and si cooked in jamid broth with tomatoes and sometimes onions. Sometimes chicken is also cooked in the Jamid. Boiling smaneh is added copiously to the laid tray before eating.