In the governorate of al-Karak, one finds the most important Islamic Shrine in Jordan. The site of Mu’ta Battle is South of Karak. Nearby in Mazar village, the three Commanders who were martyred in the battle against the Byzantines are buried. The shrines of Zeid ibn Hassan Zein al-Abideen ibn Ali, Farwa ibn Amro al-Juthami, Prophets Noah and Solomon are also nearby. Karak also provides access to two Umayyad sites, the less known Qasr Mushysh (48 km. South east of Karak) and Qasr al-Basha (44 km. south of Karak).

Further South the Dana Natural Reserve can be visited. Beautiful trails and lush vegetation make the stay at the RSCN (Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature) lodge very appealing. A visit to the ancient copper mines of Finan, where early Christians were used as slaves by the Romans is also worthwhile.