Palermo is one of the World’s top cities for street food. Among the city's fried delicacies, we recommend arancini (fried rice balls stuffed with meat sauce and cheese), crocchè (fried potato balls), panelle (fried chick peas pancake) and cardoni (fried cardoon). A typical Palermitano snack is panino con la milza, or spleen sandwiches, available plain or "maritata", meaning with cheese, together with the Sicilian Rotisserie (“Rosticceria”) with varied and numerous, sweet and savoury, fried or baked dishes. Main courses include sfincione (typical Sicilian tasty pizza made with sauce, cheese, olive oil and anchovies), anelletti al forno con ragu’ (baked pasta with meat sauce) and caponata (cooked salad made with eggplants, capers, tomato sauce and olives). The confectioners offer many delicious cakes with ricotta cream (cannoli, cassate etc.), the delicious marzipan fruits called “frutti di Martorana” and around All Soul’s Day, the “pupi a cera”, sugar figures of knights, ladies and others which are given to children during the festivities.