The gastronomic history of Medina Sidonia is full of aromas and tastes, so there are numerous places all over the town where the visitor can enjoy excellent dishes whose main ingredient are wild products from the earth. So, dishes like the cabbage stew, puchero, thistles stew, artichokes stew or the rice and asparagus stew can be tasted, among many others. Regarding meat, the variety of dishes multiplies both due to the wide range of products and to the nuances given to these recipes. Thus, we must highlight products cooked in very different forms: game (rabbit, hare, venison, partridge, wild boar... ) , poultry (chicken, turkey, duck , pheasant ...) pork products (chicharrones -pork rinds- , tenderloin , ribs, chops...) or veal (retinto (cow variety) meat, oxtail , beef... ). Also delicious dishes are the typical seasonal snails and cabrillas (larger snails) in tomato sauce.

In Medina Sidonia, other factors such as the proximity of the town to the coast have their influence, so fish dishes multiply their quality and variety. So, shellfish, white fish (cod and ratatouille stew), oily fish, clams, mussels, squids, cuttlefish... are irresistible invitations of the cuisine of this area. The confectionery –unmistakably of al-Andalus origin – deserves special mention, with the popular alfajores, delicious amarguillos –made by cloistered nuns– tortas pardas, piñonates, yemas… Handicraft in Medina using vegetable fibres (baskets, hampers…) has long been acknowledged, together with leather, wood and forged-metal goods.