With a wide panoramic view of the mountains and the Atlantic coast beneath its feet, there are even more places of interest, such as archaeological sites, the old Monastery of El Cuervo, areas within the splendid nature of the Alcornocales Natural Park and the pastures where the fighting bull is raised.

The Ruta del Toro (Route of the Bull)

Medina Sidonia is the entrance to this route that, passing through Benalup, Paterna, Alcalá and Castellar as far as Jimena, leads us through meadows and pastures where the famous fighting bulls and numerous herds of darkbrown cattle, the resistant native species adapted to the land, graze. The presence of brave noble bulls, with their spectacular appearance, is inseparable from this countryside and mountains, dotted with white country houses of farmsteads which rear the bulls. The information point of Los Alcornocales Natural Park in Medina offers a detailed outline of this ancient cattle activity which is such a characteristic tradition of this region.