Full of cultural manifestations, São Brás de Alportel maintained on the banks of the river of time a valuable treasure of living history, made of traditions. The Shrovetide (Entrudo) disguise, the Maios dolls, the Festival of the Popular Saints, the Fair of Serra, the folklore, the singing of Charolas and the chords of the accordions, which continue to enchant generations, are some of the cultural traditions that are relived year after year.

Serra-flavoured cuisine

The tasty stews, the gazpacho soups, the chicken with chickpeas meal, the corn porridge and eggs with tomatoes are just some of the typical dishes of the local cuisine, rich in flavour and tradition. In the hunting season, the tasty wild rabbit spiced with wine is not to be missed.

The typical sweets of São Brás de Alportel are real temptations for the palate.