The hinterland of Syracuse, on the plateau in the Iblei Mountains, is marked by deep caves and canyons and attractive hills, where history, culture and tradition merge in a perfectly conserved environment.

Palazzolo Acreide


Palazzolo Acreide is one of eight towns in the Val di Noto World Heritage Site, a distinction awarded because of the richness and quality of its late Baroque architecture. Here we can also visit the interesting Antonino Uccello House-Museum, with its exhibition about peasant life and the Palazzo Cappellani, seat of the Archaeological Museum. It also has an archaeological area with an ancient theatre, which is still used for summer performances. The town of Buccheri, which lies on the slopes of the wooded Mount Lauro, probably got its name from the Arab “Bukir”, meaning “ox breeding”. It was founded during the Middle Ages around an old Arab fortification that had been turned into a Norman castle. Today, only a tower and some ruins survive. The village is an agricultural centre and, in addition to many interesting churches containing important works of art, it also offers visitors superb landscapes and various interesting natural sites such as the Bosco di Santa Maria, the Bosco Pisano, the Gola della Stritta, a canyon with numerous grottoes formed by erosion by the river and a Theme Park (Parcallario Adventure Park) where the family can have lots of fun together.