Algeciras is a particularly lively and dynamic city. This can be specially seen in the mornings in the food market, the enclosure where the people from Algeciras and neighbours from other municipalities come daily to purchase fresh produce. Fish and shellfish have a special role in this unique and bustling location. The citizens from Algeciras cook fish either in stews, grilled, battered and fried ... The most characteristic dishes to be tasted are: pescado a la algecireña (fish Algeciras-style or abajá), mero en amarillo (yellow grouper fish), noodles with coquinas or clams casserole, artichokes Algeciras-style or snails. Battered ortiguillas (sea anemones) are also very appreciated. Regarding pastry, pasta real and bizcocho blando (soft sponge cake) stand out.

The visitor will find the reflection of the Andalusian traditional cuisine in typical dishes such as gazpacho (cold tomato soup) and some traditional soups, but the basis of local cuisine is sea products, reason why fish is the main ingredient in most of traditional recipes.

Algeciras’ condition of border town has brought about the proliferation of dishes of Arab influence like sardines a la moruna (Moorish style) –a version of the classic Moroccan tajine– or pinchitos (grilled seasoned meat on a spit). Almond and honey Arab pastries are also very typical.

Crafts in Algeciras and in the whole province of Cadiz offer the visitor a wide range of original products and, in many cases, unique; crafts markets along the streets of Algeciras and of all the towns of Cadiz are also to be highlighted. In particular, ceramics and cork and wood crafts are relevant in this area. The visitor can also acquire leather objects in Algeciras.