Burgio is a small country town whose name derives from the Arab term “burdj”, meaning “tower”. It was founded by the Arabs, who built a military tower (the Arab Castle) that has recently been rebuilt. The town was conquered by the Normans during the 11th century, and later became a feudal burgh of important noble families until 1812, when feudal rights were abolished.

Lying in the heart of Sicily, Burgio is also part of the Sicani Mountains, one of Sicily’s wildest and most fascinating nature reserves, full of winding country roads and a huge variety of plants and animals. The range also includes several strongly agricultural villages belonging to the provinces of Palermo and Agrigento. In addition to its natural routes, visitors to these mountain areas can also enjoy the special treat of gastronomic tours, and taste the delicious cheeses and dairy products made in line with ancient techniques that have been passed on from generation to generation.




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