January 5.

The day before the feast of the Three Wise Men (on January 6), the children from Algeciras stroll the streets in a rejoicing of voices and dragging cans tied to a string. The whole city is full of noise and happy kids arrive to the port, where the Three Wise Men disembark.


People live it intensely and many religious processions are celebrated. Several religious brotherhoods parade every day with beautifully and carefully prepared pasos (religious floats) where the Passion of Jesus is depicted. They are wood carvings with a remarkable high value that parade accompanied by hundreds of Nazarene penitents and the music band. The streets smell of incense and devotion spreads all over the city center and its churches

Late June,

Feria Real (Royal Fair) of Algeciras, with livestock market and a popular bullfights. It is an intensely lived week with fair attractions, stands for dancing and eating, bullfights, horses, flamenco dancing and local wine. It is one of the biggest fairs in Andalusia.

July 16,

Fest of Nuestra Señora del Carmen. The festive procession concludes its parade at the port, where the image is boarded on a boat and strolled across the bay followed by numerous fishing boats sounding their sirens and throwing sparkles into the sky.

August 15,

Maritime Pilgrimage of Virgen de la Palma. Declared of Cultural Interest of Andalusia and takes place at the beach of El Rinconcillo. It is a unique festival in Spain. It involves many pleasure boats and an image of the Patron Saint, that is taken out of an underwater cave and displayed on a sea altar during all that day.