Improvement of Mediterranean territorial cohesion through setup of a tourist-cultural itinerary.



Legado Andalusi

Public Andalusian Foundation “The Legacy of al-Andalus” (Spain, Andalusia)

The Programme

The multilateral cross-border cooperation "Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme" is part of the new European Neighbourhood Policy and of its financing instrument (ENPI) for the 2007-2013 period: it includes the European Union and partner countries regions placed along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

The project in brief

At Mediterranean level, tourism has often led many countries and regions to develop the industry in a competitive way rather than in a cooperative manner. For obvious climatic reasons but also due the role played by tour operators, Mediterranean tourism destinations have based their growth essentially on a “sun and sea” vision and developed strategies aimed at maximizing short term profits instead of addressing the needs and expectations of customers and residents. In this sense, there is a real need to adopt and introduce new consumer models translated into environmentally friendly tourism products, respecting natural resources and diversifying the seasonal nature of tourism demand. UMAYYAD contributes to this objective by promoting sustainable tourism based on the synergies derived from the design of a cross-border itinerary between 6 countries sharing common history and cultural background.

Expected results

  • Mediterranean Cultural Tourism Network established and good practices in cultural tourism and cross-sector activities transferred 
  • Integrated strategy implemented addressing 3 dimensions: cultural heritage, diversification of the supply of tourism services, tourist infrastructure contributing to the seasonal tourism balance
  • Cultural itinerary on Umayyad heritage launched
  • Specific Mediterranean common tourism brand designed within the itinerary of Umayyad
  • Increased number of arrivals during the off-season period with estimated 10-20% growth Main activities
  • Analysis of tourism infrastructure and opportunities for off-season offers
  • Identification and exchange of good practices related to cultural tourism
  • Development of Local Action Plans containing recommendations for enhancing cultural tourism
  • Design of thematic tourism packages within the Umayyad itinerary
  • Training sessions dedicated to policy-makers, tour operators and entrepreneurs
  • Organization of an exhibition devoted to cultural tourism and Umayyad itinerary


  1. Andalusian Council of Chambers of Commerce (Spain, Andalusia)
  2. Algarve Tourism Board (Portugal, Algarve)
  3. Regional Direction of Culture of Algarve (Portugal, Algarve)
  4. Castles and Medieval Towns Circuit Association (Italy, Sicily)
  5. Italo-Tunisian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Tunisia, Tunis)
  6. Association "Mediterranean Liaisons" (Tunisia, Tunis)
  7. Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (Tunisia, Tunis)
  8. Safadi Foundation (Lebanon)
  9. Urban Planning Institute, Lebanese American University (Lebanon)
  10. Municipality of Jbeil Byblos (Lebanon)
  11. CulTech in Archaeology and Conservation (Jordan, Amman)
  12. International Development Co. AID-ME (Egypt, Al Iskandanyah)
  13. Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce “Alexandria Chamber” (Egypt, Al Iskandanyah)
  14. European Association for the Professional and Cultural Development “Maimónides” (Spain)

Specific objective

To contribute to the improvement of territorial cohesion in order to overcome the seasonal misbalances in tourism sector within the Mediterranean territory through promotion of sustainable tourism based on synergies derived from the design of a cultural itinerary focusing on the Umayyad heritage

Target groups

  • 80 policy-makers
  • 50 tour operators
  • 300 entrepreneurs

Financial beneficaries

  • Local Communities
  • Tourists


36 months (December 2012 - December 2015)


  • Total budget: € 4.153.653
  • Programme contribution: € 3.739.288 (90%)
  • Project co-financing: € 414.365 (10%)