The Corniche

This 7 km promenade extends along the seaside and is a popular destination for walkers, joggers, skater and bikers. Street vendors offer drinks and snacks.

Al Zire

Al Zire was once used as a breakwater for ships and fleets. Today, it is a great place for a picnic, fishing, and swimming, and offers a great diving point as you can see the underwater ruins of the city such as structures of walls and columns.



Saida boasts a long tradition of soap-making. In the old souk and in the Soap Museum, you will find a large array of scented soaps in all shapes, colors and sizes.


Approximately 17 Km from Saida, the town of Sarafand is the place to go to see how blown glass is made, using traditional methods. The Khalife Family is the last one to still practice this craft.



Saida is famous for its sweets. Make sure you taste the semolina-based “Sanyoura”, the “Jazariyyeh” and the “Essha”, a local cake with fennel seeds, not forgetting Baklwawa and Seniora.