This region boasts a long lavish tradition in food and wine and in products of the highest quality. The artistic and natural heritage in Noto enjoys synergies with the flourishing agricultural sector. In the neighbouring countryside there are three wine appellations (Eloro, Rosso di Noto and Moscato di Noto) and a PDO for the olive oil (Iblei Mountains). There is an infinite variety of cakes based on almonds and on ricotta, and homemade ice-cream and slush. Avola, which also has a strong farming sector, has always been associated with world famous agricultural products such as “Pizzuta d’Avola”, its exquisite heirloom variety of almonds, the highly prized “Femminello Siracusano” lemons and the “Nero d’Avola” grape variety. In Rosolini the symbol of the town is still the carob, which is used in the making of numerous sweets, liqueurs and in "Vino Cotto" (dense syrup made from carob extract, which is perfect for confectionery and useful for soothing inflamed throats). The food product par excellence in Modica is chocolate, an ancient tradition that the town has managed to preserve and promote. Produced by artisanal means, the cacao seeds are still processed today according to the original Aztec recipes.

The typical crafts centre around the art of embroidery, as well as that of prestigious carpentry workshops and decorators of antique furniture, blacksmiths that make wrought iron products, tin workers and so-called "cannizzari" or reed-basket weavers. The stone carvers and sculptors (gli scalpellini) are also famous for working the same stone with which all the major monuments, palaces and churches of these towns are built.