Burgio is the home of cakes like the “grabuscia” (fried bread dough covered with sugar) and the “tabisca” (a flat cake seasoned with olive oil, salt, pepper and pecorino). On December 8th, the Feast day of the Immaculata, visitors can enjoy the “muffuletta” (a baked flat cake seasoned with olive oil, salt, pepper, cheese and salted sardines), while at Christmas time locals make “cuddureddi cu i ficu” (sweet pastry with dried figs, almonds and pumpkin), “tetu” and “taralli” (pastry dough biscuits covered with glazed sugar).

The economy in the Sicani Mountains region is based on traditional agriculture and cattle raising, so enhancing the authenticity and goodness of local products: cheeses (from ricotta to caciotta, from caciocavallo to the many fresh, mixed and aged cheeses such as fiore Sicano, tuma persa, pecorino sicano or canestrato), honey, apples, peaches, organic wheat, herbs, almonds, olive oil, wine and confectionery. The livestock sector is well represented, especially in the Cammarata and Santo Stefano Quisquina area, where local farms included within the “Carne dei Monti Sicani” brand produce guaranteed high quality meat.

Excellent wines such as Cellaro, Monte Olimpo or Planeta are produced in Sambuca di Sicilia, which has its own DOC (controlled Denomination of Origin) label.