The spring festivals in Burgio are quite interesting and revolve around the “Rigattiate”, ritual dances held between the various guilds associated with different saints. Holy Week is also important, when products such as laurel that symbolize cosmic-seasonal rebirth are consumed along with other traditional dishes. The rites of Holy Week also offer exceptional re-enactments and unique medieval plays, such as Filippo Orioles’ drama “Il Riscatto di Adamo”.

The Cavalcata is a very characteristic form of celebration in some of the festivities in Cammarata. The most famous one is the parade of SS. Crocifisso degli Angeli, held on the last Sunday of May. On this occasion, horses and riders parade between two crowds of people who cheer as they pass through the village streets. The horses, specially adorned with leather harnesses and saddles, parade along the streets of the city up to the nearby church, where a party is held.