Carcabuey surroundings are full of attractions due to its privileged geographical location. The Medieval Castle offers the visitor magnificent views of the mountain ranges and the foothills that surround the town as if it were a balcony over the Nature Park. It is yet to be discovered the steep and picturesque municipal district of Carcabuey. In the core of the Nature Park of Sierras Subbéticas, this resort offers the visitor suggestive itineraries to get closer to nature. The most attractive routes wander along the gorges of Sierra de Gallinera, Bernabé stream and the hillsides of Lobatejo peak. Not far away La Tiñosa peak rises, the highest point of the province of Cordova (1,570 meters). Other delightful emplacements are the village of El Algar; the track from Carcabuey to Luque, that passes through Alcaide mountain range offering amazing views of Albuchite peak; the picturesque emplacement of El Castillejo; and finally, the fantastic views of El Calvario, real treasures of ecotourism in Carcabuey.