Castle and Palace

Typical rock fortress, the castle has a spectacular position on top of an enormous rock. What remains of it is dominated by a high square tower, reinforced by bastions on the rock outcrops. Some have identified it with the castle of al-Benzarade, or of the good air. It was begun in the 9th century and later rebuilt by the Zirids in the 11th century and again in the 12th century. Likewise, the Christian additions after the conquest should also be mentioned. In front of the military sections of tower and courtyard, the lords of Zuheros built a Renaissance palace in the 16th century, of wich there are still some wall ashlar stones and other details to be seen.


Archaeological Museum

Finds from Los Murciélagos cave are exhibited here, as well as from other sites nearby, showing, among others, stone instruments, pottery, coins, a Roman sculpture and a medieval sarcophagus.


Church of Los Remedios

Very likely built over a mosque, it was designed in the 16th century and much transformed at the end of the 17th century. The tower stands on the old minaret and there are objects of some interest.


Cueva de los Murciélagos (Bat Cave)

To be found standing on the top of a mountain behind the village, at the end of 4 km steep climb, reaching nearly 1.000 mt. The cave is an extraordinary collection of limestone formations, shaped by the water existing in several places.

It has been known since the 19th century, and it served as the home for the hill inhabitants in the 5th and 4th millenniums BC, who left behind domestic tools, decorative objects, an excellent example of cave paintings of goats and a burial. It was later used for storing fruit.