Those who visit Monchique and like trekking have at their disposal different thematic routes through which they will discover different villages, waterfalls, windmills, chimneys and monumental trees.

Mountain Flavours

Dishes made with rice and beans or chestnuts are not to be missed. Equally tasty are the many recipes based on pork, such as the homemade sausages and blood sausages, including farinheiras and molhos.

Honey is a common ingredient in nearly all the desserts. The most famous ones are the bolo de tacho and pudim de mel.

A Land of Handicrafts

The handicrafts of Monchique are based on a wide variety of activities that persist in time and continue their development in traditional moulds. This knowledge passes from generation to generation, reflects a way of life and constitutes an important identity factor of this locality. Wicker baskets, wooden spoons, knives and other kitchenware, scissor chairs, ceramics, pottery and weaving are some examples of the diversity of creations, which are linked both to specific economic activities and to folk art.


In terms of temperature and precipitation, the Serra de Monchique has a subtropical maritime mountain climate. For this reason, you can find here exotic plants such as yams.