The gastronomy in Alcalá la Real is closely linked to the town’s traditions and festivities. During Christmas time the visitor can taste the pastries made with pork lard and almonds, and the pork products (salami, spicy and blood sausage…), and other ones conserved in olive oil (pork loin, ribs…)

During the Candelaria fests meringue pies are typical, as well as Relleno (bread crumb, meat and egg boiled in pork lard), in Carnival. During the Holy Week, pastries are quite popular: pestiños, roscos de vino (wine bread rolls), rice and milk pudding, papuecas…

When summertime arrives, Alcalá stews are prepared, especially to be shared by a group of friends in the countryside, who taste a soupy rice casserole or a secretaria (tomato sauce, asparagus, mushroom and chicken). In autumn, it is time for quince jelly preserve, figs bread and local wines.

In Alcalá la Real and the villages around it, several craft activities that have inherited a long tradition still survive. It is worth mentioning ancient manufactures related to the farming activity, such as packsaddle and harnesses, still preserving the Muslim heritage, as well as horse tack makers and esparto products. Pottery must be mentioned here, as it offers glazed and enameled ceramics in the local and Granada styles, for both domestic and decorative purposes, as well as the manufacture of lead stained glass windows