Carnival in February which reflects the great carnival tradition of the plains. It is declared as Fest of Andalusian tourist interest.


Semana Santa (Holy Week)


Semana Santa (Holy Week), with its magnificent processions, within the old city walls.

The Carmona Fair

Third week of May, the Carmona Fair. There are fair tents like those of El Casino, La Giraldilla or the Municipal one that offer the visitor the hospitality of the peoples of these lands.

Corpus Christi

Pilgrimage of the Virgen de Gracia

First Sunday of September, Pilgrimage of the Virgen de Gracia followed by fiestas in Her honour.

The pilgrimage of San Mateo

Third week of September, the pilgrimage of San Mateo.

The Three Wise Men parade

January 5, the Three Wise Men parade, organized by “La Giraldilla” local club, passes through the streets of the town carrying illusion to all the children of Carmona.