The Public Andalusian Foundation The Legacy of al-Andalus promotes the Umayyad Route in the International Tourism Fair FITUR taking place these days in Madrid

The Public Andalusian Foundation The Legacy of al-Andalus is present in FITUR (Hall 5) with a themed stand on the Umayyad Route. It aims to communicate on the profound human, cultural, artistic and scientific relationship that existed between East and West, as well as the transmission of Greco-Roman legacy in Europe through al- Andalus.


The project is funded by the European Neighborhood and Partnership Instrument program (ENPI), led by the Andalusian Public Foundation The Legacy of al-Andalus and has partners in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Tunisia, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt. This Andalusian Government Foundation played out here its wide experience in the realization of cultural tourist routes in Andalusia that links heritage but also other kinds of resources such as the gastronomy, nature, active tourism, etc.


Furthermore, the Foundation accumulated much practical experience in managing European projects dealing with its tourist routes, for example, those that have impact on tourism and trade as drivers of economic development (Zoco Andalusí and Aashara projects), those that promote social integration (T Guide project) or Andalusian crafts at European level (Innocrafts and Regiocrafts projects).


Economic impact


The Umayyad project focuses on establishing a network of cultural tourism across the Mediterranean as well as the definition and launch of local tourist routes in each of the partner countries which are part of the itinerary encompassing their rich heritage bequeathed by the Umayyad dynasty in its conquest across the Mediterranean. 


The promotional work that is being done with international tour operators is particularly important, so it impacts the territories attracting tourism to the Umayyad Route in Andalusia, which had been presented by The Foundation the Legacy of al-Andalus in the 2014 edition of FITUR. Thus, the aim is to obtain an important economic impact on the tourism and services sectors of Andalusia.


This route was planned Andalusia considering as a starting point the cultural heritage, the diversification of services supply and tourism infrastructures. The purpose is to increase cultural tourism in Andalusia as a means to positively impact on the regional economy.


Comercialization of the Routes


As for the commercialization of the Foundation’s routes in general, the Foundation is going to meet more than 20 tour operators mainly related to cultural tourism. These tour operators are settled in France, United Kingdom, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, India, Azerbaijan, UAE and Morocco.


Besides, in order to set Andalusia and the Routes of the Foundation as a tourist destination and foster tourist visits, the Foundation is also working with Tourist Offices in Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Nepal, Jordan or Algeria.

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