The Project Local Support Group in Seville goes a step further in spreading the Umayyad Route

The Andalusian Public Foundation “The Legacy of al-Andalus” and the Andalusian Council of Chambers of Commerce organized a Local Support Group meeting in Seville. The event took place at the Andalusian Council of Chambers of Commerce’s headquarters. The Umayyad project, funded by the ENPI CBC Med programme and led by the Andalusian Public Foundation “The Legacy of al-Andalus”, promotes sustainable tourism based on the design of a transnational tourist route in seven countries which share common history and culture: Spain, Portugal, Italy, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon; and the creation of specific national routes in each partner country.


The project foresees Local Support Group meetings in order to involve the social representatives and to know their opinion about the route. At this meeting, the project coordinator, Juan Manuel Cid, informed about the Umayyad Route approach in Andalusia and, more generally, about the routes in the other countries involved. The Umayyad Route in Andalusia starts in Algeciras (Cadiz) and goes through Medina Sidonia (Cadiz), Sevilla, Carmona (Sevilla), Écija (Sevilla), Córdoba, Zuheros (Córdoba), Carabuey (Córdoba), Priego de Córdoba, Alcalá la Real (Jaén), Almuñecar (Granada)  and finishes in Granada. The route has been designed considering the cultural heritage, diversification of supply of services and tourism infrastructures. It involves capital cities already consolidated at tourist-cultural level as well as other municipalities that have potential to be integrated into the Umayyad Route.


Tourism and culture experts of Andalusia and representatives from the public and private sectors as the Chamber of Commerce of Seville, Municipalities of Algeciras, Carmona, Ecija, Medina Sidonia and private companies, as well as other representatives of the Andalusian Public Foundation The Legacy of al-Andalus and the Andalusian Council of Chambers, actively participated in this meeting,   contributing to the success of it through the exchange of experiences and points of view.


Cultural Tourism Network


The contents of the project website also have been presented. It has been designed in an attractive and practical way for travelers and, in particular, informing about the Umayyad Route in Andalusia. Finally, the objectives of the Capacity Building, a training course on tourism innovation and new technologies have been presented as well.


The Umayyad project establishes a network of cultural tourism across the Mediterranean as well as the definition and launch of local tourist routes in each of the partner countries which are part of the itinerary encompassing their rich heritage bequeathed by the Umayyad dynasty in its conquest across the Mediterranean, including the cultures and civilizations that preceded it (such as the Greco-Roman and Roman cultures). The project aims at obtaining a better seasonal and geographical spread of tourist arrivals and the diversification of products in Andalusia and the Mediterranean area.

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